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What is Nexmate? Why do you need it?

Nexmate is a mobile application that helps residents of condominiums to collaborate in various effective ways. If you are a resident of a condominium, here are some of the questions that may come up as your first thought in your mind.

“Okay! So I’m living in a Condominium building with 100’s of units. I’m happy and content with my place and why do I care about collaborating with my neighbors?”

“Okay! So I’m living in a Condominium building with 100’s of units. I have a Facebook group for my condominium building. I have a Whatsapp group as well. Why do I need another software now?”

“Okay! So I’m living in a Condominium building with 100’s of units. I have my Social Circle outside of my Condominium. Why do I need to collaborate with my neighbors?”

“Okay! I’m living in a Condominium because it’s convenient and cheaper to live here compared to a detached home, with fewer maintenance worries. But it ends there, why do I need to use Nexmate?”

“Okay! I’m living in a Condominium building with 100’s of units. I don’t like to talk to my neighbors. I’m an introvert. Do I need Nexmate then?”

“Wait a minute! My Property Management Company already provides me with software (that kinda works) to address my general issues in a Condominium. So why is Nexmate special and what does it have to do with my condominium in general?”

“Okay! I’m just living in a low rise Condominium with just a few tens of units. Is this Nexmate for me?”

“Okay! I live in a multi-family home, not a Condominium. Does this help me?”

“Okay! I live in an apartment, not a Condominium. Is Nexmate of use to me?”

Well, this is just a start and I know that by this point, some of you are very eager to get answers to those questions. Let me tell you a small story.

Four years ago, we came to Canada and started our life by renting a condominium in North Toronto. Our building has more than 200 units in it. We are eager to experience new cultures, make new friends, to share our stories. These are the exact reasons why we chose to move to a condominium instead of living in a basement. We thought Condominium life is full of fun and so full of life.

Well, quickly within a few weeks we realized that it didn’t make any difference living in a Condominium compared to living in the basement of a detached home. When we meet people in the elevators, they are just so reluctant to acknowledge our presence. A few people may just greet us, but it generally ends there. When we workout in a gym, we see the same people who follow our timings, except it seems like there were countless barriers in the free flow of communication.

We went a step further and decided to check out any social media channels for our Condominium. To our surprise, there is a Facebook group where there are 10 members from our building. Also, we were asked to enroll ourselves on the mailing list of the condominium.

The Facebook group turned out to be a disaster with not many people even acknowledging its presence. Residents are unwilling to join Facebook groups with their personal Facebook logins. The email notifications for residents who enrolled in our Condominium mailing list is a whole different story. There are a few active contributors to this email chain and the rest of them just marked it as spam. And the only discussions that ever happen there was either about upcoming maintenance or the elections for board members. After a few months, we tried starting a Whatsapp group. This time residents had privacy concerns about revealing their phone numbers and we closed the group eventually.

After facing this struggle for many months, we pondered over the basics of the problem. Humans from times unknown always existed in groups, they hunted in groups, they lived in groups. They had their leaders for groups and they had something called the Group Culture that separates them from the rest of the groups. There were many advantages of living in communities. People use to have events together. They followed the same religious practices. They had people help them with common chores. They had emotional support. So basically these advantages became needs after a point of time. This continued for centuries together. After some time, there came the concept of jewels, money (or a common currency), and with that came greed, self-centeredness, politics, etc. that created different priorities for different sets of people in the same group. The groups thus became smaller and smaller over time. The whole definition of a community changed based on the laws of land and priorities at any point in time. However, the important point to note here is that the needs of a community survived, even though the whole concept and definition of communities changed with time.

This whole philosophical thought gave us this crazy idea in our heads w.r.t the condominium that we are living in. “What if we can bring back the concept of a community in the condominiums that we live, by solving the needs that come with it, yet adhering to the present-day concerns and priorities.” Viola! Nexmate is born.

Nexmate is the amalgamation of all our thoughts on how to make condominium living joyful and leverage the aspects of community within a condominium building. Nexmate has a separate operating workspace for every condominium and these workspaces are mutually exclusive to each other. The data of a condominium is never shared with other condominiums. Within every condominium workspace, the privacy aspect is taken care of. Residents do not have to share their email, mobile number, or any other personal information with any other residents. Every resident can choose the level of visibility of their information to other residents, based on their comfort level.

Imagine you are in the need of a ladder or a hammer, and you don’t want to order one for one time or sparing use. Leverage the community around you, Nexmate comes to your rescue. It features a local rental marketplace where the residents of a condominium rent tools, books, apparel to fellow residents.

Imagine you have to arrange for a Christmas party or a simple yoga class, you no longer need to stick those printouts in elevators and notice boards. Nexmate comes to your rescue. Plan a party, spread the word, count the RSVPs and send the reminders.

Imagine you feel uninterested to watch a movie all alone, every time. You may feel like discussing the sports performance of your favorite team and run out of people always. Leverage the community. Nexmate comes to your rescue. You can create groups based on your interests and discuss with fellow residents.

Imagine you need some domestic help or a pet walker. However, hiring one all for yourself is a costly affair. How about sharing one with your neighbors. Nexmate helps you facilitate this. This means less spending from your side and more work to the domestic help or pet walkers.

Did we answer all those questions you had at the beginning of this article? You need a platform that’s tailored to suit the needs of a Condominium. These are just a few use cases of Nexmate. The potential is limitless. Whether you live in a Condominium or multi-family home or apartment, we have a solution for you.

Now you may be thinking, “I get your point, I’m sold. I would like to give it a try. Where should I start?” Reach out to us at and we will be happy to set you up with the trial version of the software in your building. Just introduce us to the Social channels of your building or one of the board of directors of your building and we will take care of the rest.

Thank you for reading this article. In this World, you have a way to connect with your friends through Facebook, you can connect with your professional network via LinkedIn. You can even connect with your potential date via Tinder. Why not connect with your fellow condominium residents? Start using Nexmate.

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